Freshly caught fish cooking preparation

Freshly caught fish

To preserve the delicious flavor of freshly caught freshwater or saltwater fish, it must be handled properly to avoid spoilage. Not to mention preserving fish with a pleasant smell. After catching fish for hearty fish meal, there are ways to properly prepare and maintain quality. Check out the tips below:

1) After the fish lands, avoid touching hard surfaces to avoid scratches. Immediately hose down or rinse with a bucket to remove mucus and bacteria that may cause spoilage. Never use water from nearby docks, municipal or industrial drains. To be safe, always use drinking water.

2) Simply refrigerate the fish to prevent spoilage in less than an hour. With a little advance planning, proper glazing can be achieved with relatively inexpensive equipment. Fish should be stored in the refrigerator and chilled. It should be 3 inches deep and cover 1 pound of fish with 1 pound of ice. Use chlorinated water for final rinse per liter of water.

3) Clean the fish as soon as possible. Their tissues are sterile, but the scales, which contain many types of bacteria, are not. Avoid rough handling when cleaning fish, as wounds on the flesh can spread bacteria. Fish guts don't take long. Incision of the abdomen is recommended as it does not leave blood or internal organs inside. Make sure the cleaned fish fillets are not soaked in fresh water for a long time as this will affect the texture and taste of the meat.

4) With proper cleaning, the edible quality and nutritional value of fish can be maintained for up to 5 days. It is also important to wash your hands before handling fish. Regardless of the type of fish and cooking technique used, there is one golden rule that must always be followed. Cook exactly 10 minutes for every inch measured, whole or not. Fish wrapped in foil or grill juices should be set aside for 15 minutes. Doubles the time to freeze fish.

Allow extra time if the fish is baking while wrapped in aluminum foil, and allow extra time for the heat to penetrate. This should be another 5 minutes for fresh fish and 10 minutes for frozen fish. To thaw frozen fish, thaw slowly in the refrigerator for 24 hours or run wrapped fish in cold water that is not room temperature. Do not thaw frozen fish before cooking, or it will become mushy and dry.

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