Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a video game and television show that features a woman cooking recipes based on ingredients she finds in her backyard.

Each episode features a new recipe and introduces children to a new dish.

The gameplay involves swiping the protagonist's hand to stir, unlock, flip and cook various foods found in Mama's garden.

The show aims to teach children basic cooking and meal preparation skills.

The protagonist of Cooking Mama is a young woman named Mama who spends her days caring for her livestock in her backyard.

She makes her living selling her homemade meals to customers in her area.

Throughout the show, viewers follow Mama as she goes about her daily life.

She makes coffee in the morning, bakes cakes for dessert and steams vegetables for dinner.

She also tends to her animals, including a rooster, cow, dog and duck.

Cooking Mama uses hand-drawn 2D graphics to tell its story and immerse the viewer in Mama's world.

Cooking Mama is an educational video game that teaches children about making meals based on ingredients found in their backyard.

As the protagonist of the game, she encourages viewers to play by themselves to learn basic cooking skills and encourages children to eat vegetables cooked right from her kitchen.

As any good game should do, it has compelling gameplay and has produced positive results for its target audience.

When creating this concept, I knew that Cooking Mama would have to focus on cooking based on ingredients found in the protagonist's backyard.

Throughout the show, viewers see Mama care for livestock she has found in her backyard.

For example, she keeps chickens, a cow and a rooster.

She also has a dog that patrols her property and a barnyard full of fowl she treats like family members.

I also wanted Cooking Mama to encourage children to eat vegetables when they are cooked right- so it made sense that she would cook them herself.

Other food items shown in the show include pasta, lasagna, fried eggs, pineapple upside-down cake and cupcakes with strawberries on them.

Each recipe shows how to make a meal with multiple food items from Mama's backyard.

To promote self-reliance and encourage children to cook their own meals, Cooking Mama encourages players to play the game alone without help or supervision from adults or other players.

She sets up her kitchen herself and prepares each recipe herself using only the tools she acquired by playing the game herself.

The player must also make sure that the protagonist sits down to eat every meal she makes herself.

In addition to teaching basic cooking skills, Cooking Mama intends to instill confidence in young minds by showing children how to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks by working hard alone.

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